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Ueno · Asakusa · Akihabara · Skytree etc. are in the tourist zone!                    If you are tired of the day, please heal yourself in the large public bath. . .

2017 Good departure lodging grand prize (customer service · service) division, 2nd place in Kanto · Koshinetsu area

  • I was able to receive 2nd place in the Kanto · Koshinetsu area the 2017 good place to rent grand prize (customer service / service) department.

Facility information

  • Room rate, (Tax included)

    ●Single Room, (Non-smoking, Smoking)
    1 Night: From 3,800 to 4,000 yen

    More than 3 Nights Stay
    3 consecutive nights to 5 consecutive nights: 3,500 yen to 3,600 yen
    (Please purchase at least 3 nights for the first time. )
    6 consecutive days or more: 3,300 yen 3,400 yen
    (Please purchase for the first time over 6 nights.)

    The moon
    ¥ 79,800 (From about 2,575 yen per day)
    ※Cash payment only

    ●Twin Room, (Non-smoking)
    1 Night: 6,600 yen

    ●Payment method
    Purchase tickets at the ticket machine at check-in.
    Rakuten pay handling credit card, electronic money - available also.
    (※Monthly plan and special price plan etc are not covered)

    ●Room rate details
    Each room TV (including VOD broadcasting), air conditioner, fully equipped refrigerator, Internet environment (wired / wireless)
  • Front desk service

    <Loan item>
    ※Although there are limited numbers, we are preparing at the front desk so please do not hesitate to talk with us.
    ·Large table(Folding type)
    ·Split, paper cup
    ·blanket, mattress
    ·Alarm Clock
    ·Sewing set
    ·Deodorant, etc.

    <Paid service item>
    ·A razor, 50 yen
    ·toothbrush, 50 yen
    ·Folded hairbrush, 50 yen
    ·earphone, 100 yen
    ·Wet tissue, 50 yen
    ·Mini tissue, 50 yen
    ·Tissue box, 100 yen
    ·Disposable slippers, 100 yen
    ·Bath towel / towel, Free
    ·yukata, Free
  • Internet environment

     Wired LAN

    How to use the cable from the back of the TV,
    Insert it in the personal computer that the customer had with you
    You can use it if you get it.

    ☆Have a wonderful time☆
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Hotel Name

Hotel Hikari


2-39-3 Kiyokawa, Taito City, Tokyo Metropolis

Telephone number



Tokyo Metro Subway Minami-Senju Station (south exit), go south on Yoshino-dori Avenue, and there is a Namidabashi Intersection on the left just across the Namidabashi Intersection.
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