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tourist information

Staff Recommended! Tourist attractions

Tourism still in time! Hotel Hikari is not too late even after I decided seeing sightseeing spots of Hotel Hikari!

  • Let's Enjoy TOKYO!

    • Tokyo Sky Tree · Sola Mathi

      Built in Oshima-ku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, the world's tallest tower with a height of 634 m
      Large-scale commercial facilities are also installed, and it is the most hot spot!
      We introduce the latest sightseeing spot "Tokyo Sky Tree Town".
    • Asakusa Area

      In Asakusa which makes you feel the atmosphere of Edo everywhere
      Various events are held throughout the year.
      Tourist information about Asakusa, Asakusa tourist spot,
      Asakusa will show you how to get to Asakusa etc.
    • Ueno area

      It is a temple park located in the center of sightseeing spots and museums in Ueno.
      Zoo, Various museums, A museum, Shinabarake, Kanonaga five-storied pagoda,
      Shops such as Toshogu Shrine and Ameya Alley are densely packed,
      Please enjoy plenty of leisure and culture full of city Ueno
    • Akihabara Area

      Akihabara·Known as Akiba.Centered around Chuo Street and Kanda Meisamidori,
      Akihabara has been named as one of the world's leading electric streets.
      Anime, manga and games are popular, maid cafe and
      Akihabara where a lot of people visit electric towns and specialty shops.
      I am introducing such Akiba city.
    • Minami Senju area

      Shopping mall around the hotel and around Minami-Senju Station
      We are introducing.
    • Tokyo Area

      Tokyo station, hotels, offices, commercial facilities, etc. are consolidated,
      Station = city which combines various charm and advanced functions,
      "Tokyo Station City" is introduced.