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  • Jalan OF THE YEAR, 2017 I was glad I could stay at the Grand Prize Grand Prix【Customer service·Services】Department, Kanto·2nd place in the Koshinetsu area

    This time, thanks to everyone, Jalan, OF THE YEAR, 2017 I was glad I could stay at the Grand Prize【Customer service·Services】I was able to receive second place in the department, Kanto / Koshinetsu area.
    We will continue to work on staff to create an environment that will make customers happy even a little in the future so thank you.

We renewed our website ♫

  • We renewed our homepage and reservation function.
    As a result, those who registered as members before March 29 need to reset their passwords.
    Please inquire / change / cancel reservation on the upper right of HOME screen "⇒" Change member information "⇒" Forgot password "button to register a new password.
    We appreciate your inconvenience but we appreciate your patience.

The VOD Room Theater has become a free unlimited admission!

  • The VOD Room Theater is now available to customers for free.
    Movie · Japanese movie · Variety · Comedy · Adult's new work, popular works are unlimited you!
    Replacing every month, delivering over 300 titles!
    Please enjoy!

I began an hour of precious morning. . .

  • I have another hour. . .
    I started late checkout to you like that!

    Sometimes it's relaxing and late. . .
    Staggering the rush time. . .
    I have done another job. . .

    Please make a precious time of your morning.
    ※Purchase a late check-out ticket (300 yen) at the front desk ticket vending machine and hand it to the front desk.
    Normal check out will be possible from AM10: 00 until AM11: 00!
    ※I have three more hours. . .The person is also on sale for 800 yen! (Possible until 13:00)
    Those who wish to keep up with it until 13 o'clock in the evening and those who are not satisfied with an hour.
    ※Please note that this 3H late check-out may not be applicable depending on the operating conditions of the day, so please contact the front desk at least 1 day in advance.

Because it is such an epoch. . . ! (^ ^)! Economic support price Monthly

  • 【Deal information to those who are considering long-term stay in Tokyo! (^ ^)! 】

    Economic support price Monthly ¥75,900【About 2,530 yen per night(Tax included)】
    Water utility cost, wired·Wireless LAN line·VOD room theater unlimited access.There are no expenses like rental, it is easy to check in and out in the public bath and the price that costs less than 80,000 yen may be profitable. . .

    ※Monthly payment is only cash.
    ※Monthly pole will not be subject to amenity and towel change service.
    (※It may not be applicable when there is a full day.Please contact us on the telephone or inquiry page for details on availability and reservations.)
    ※We are also accepting deal company contracts, please feel free to contact us.\(^ o ^)/

Limited Time Only!! , I started to relax in the morning. . .

  • I started morning morning coffee.
    It is very important to relax the clear space before work. . .
    Please use it at the beginning of the day! (^ ^)!

    AM 7: 00-10: 00